Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Diversify Project

'Diversify' is an EU-FP7 project that seeks to study diversity as a basic principle for software systems, that self-adapt. It brings together four entities:
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • Universit√© de Rennes
I am a Research Fellow, employed at Trinity College, to work on the Diversify project. This blog is mainly for me to put my thoughts down, as the project progresses. If I get additional questions that I don't have an answer to, or comments that increase my clarity, that'd be great (But I don't expect to. People rarely comment on random blogs, in a world filled with millions of interesting things to read).

Diversify is an FET project, which stands for Future and Emerging Technologies. The advantage of an FET project, is that it's almost as close to pure research-for-research's-sake that one is likely to ever get, in an academic environment, that is increasingly driven by the grants process. The other big advantage of an FET project, is that there are a lot of cloudy, and vague definitions of exactly what it is, that we're trying to achieve. This is exciting! It is uncharted territory, and there are a lot of silly mistakes to be made, for the first time!

This is why I'm starting this blog, to document the path of reasoning, and conversations, that lead to experiments, and (hopefully) results worth shouting about.